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At&t Announced as the Official 3G Provider of the iPad

Today at the Apple Keynote, Steve Jobs mentioned that the brand new iPad device would be able to connect to both wifi as well as 3G networks, with At&t being the official network in the United States.

This, coupled with a two tiered, and flat rate pricing scheme shows At&t and Apple are serious about selling data to people who are hungry for a way to connect.

The plans are listed as $14.99 for a 200mb plan or $30.00 for unlimited data.


With these prices come multiple questions.
At&t has already somewhat admitted that the network is not completely prepared for the onslaught of 3G users it has generated in the short three years since the original iPhone made it's debut.
AT&T's CEO even eluded to the idea that perhaps unlimited plans for data are not the best idea.
Most of the world does not have any "unlimited" options for data. This is a very American way of thinking.

So where will this leave already frustrated iPhone customers? Not only are they strong armed into paying a $30.00 data plan, they are also told they are not allowed under the regular At&t terms of service (TOS) that they must not tether the iPhone to a computer or may suffer huge pro-rated bills.

Whatever happens, my wife and myself are at the end of our rope with At&t and the terrible iPhone service that we get on a daily basis.
Dropped call after dropped call is not the way to run a network, and these new data rates could be a game changer for the way that 3G is sold.

Then again, it could just be another crack in an already poor 3G network run by At&t.