The internets and twitters are all a... Well a Twitter with news of the newest apple device, the ipad.

I will avoid breaking things down technically as plenty lot great sites are already doing that, but I will editorialize on this.

What is known of the specs:

-9.7" IPS screen
-1/2" thick (or thin)
-10 hours of battery life (up to 1 month standby,
"Shut the iPad down, come back in a month and it still has a charge")
-16-64 Gigabytes of flash storage (16/32/64 gb models)
-Accelerometer and compass
-Speaker, mic
-Dock connector (likely same as iPhone)
-It can run all iPhone apps, unmodified, out of the box

The ipad runs iPhone apps by doubling the pixels used. It's similar to how a DVD player will make a standard DVD look like it is high definition.

It also connects and syncs with iTunes and MobileMe.

You have to assume that it runs a locked version of the iPhone os meaning you as a user do not have a say in what you install unless you jailbreak the device.

Time will tell whether this changes the netbook world like the iPhone changed mobile phones, bu apple expects to sell a ton of these new gadgets this year.


Why would a user buy an iPad as oppsed to a netbook running Windows 7. Truthfully I cannot see any real reason to lock myself down into another apple world.
While I do use my iPhone daily for limited tasks, I am in the market for a real computer which runs APPLICATIONS, not simply APPS.

Apple reasons that users will see a degraded experience if they run apps which are not pre-approved for the iPad. They then see the iPad as a poorly manufactured device.
The end user doesn't understand why it doesn't work, and apple understands it's better to cripple the iPad than give users a less than 100% experieice

The power user then has to decide what he wants, power vs. customizability.
Like buying a Ford vs. Mercedes Benz. Horsepower opposed to luxury.

Which will win?