So who is to blame for the bad call quality and failed calls on the AT&T network?

Certainly not AT&T!

No. It would seem that even though the Verizon network has the most coverage and best call quality, AT&T has decided to come to it's own conclusion that since statistically they have the fastest 3g network that therefore they have the best 3g network.

According to a study that was done and reported on in the NY Times, the main reason that the iPhone has issues is due to a faulty wireless interface. This means that AT&T is basically saying in a matter of words that there is no problem with the network, it is indeed the iPhone itself.

AT&T know not to bite that hand that feeds it (aka, the iPhone which has generated millions of new subscribers) and it will do everything it can in order to point out that it is indeed not the one to blame for the major issues plauging iPhone users in the United States.

But where does that put iPhone users, who have countless dropped calls and issues with call quality and connectivity?

According to the study, iPhone's may have issues when connecting in congested areas. If that is the case, why then do we not hear subscribers in other major global cities complaining?
It would seem that people in Tokyo, Manila, and London would also be having connectivity issues with iPhones if the case was the hardware. Instead the only reports come from the United States.

The problems seem to be localized.
The author of this blog lives in Las Vegas Nevada, a place with anywhere between 100,000-250,000 extra people a day and I see regular problems with connections when in the tourist heavy strip corridor.

So who is to fail? AT&T will never admit it, but the network is partially to blame, no matter how they want to spin it.