Word around the net is that the new apple ipad will not include flash support.

During the keynote speech, Steve Jobs inadvertantly showed a page on the iPad which had the apple logo for "missing plug in", and that plug in was Adobe Flash.


Any iPhone or iPod touch user who actually browses the Internet on their device knows the annoyance which can result in a flash page not displaying.

As a result, people are pointing fingers as the above image shows the same image iPhone users have been used to for years.

But what if?

There is a chance that the firmware for the iPad is not finished. It is also possible that the finished product will include flash.

Proof of different versions of the iPhone OS is evident in each release. You cannot install the same firmware from an iPhone 3g as a 3gs (and vice versa)

The heftier specs of the iPad are further proof that the main reason Steve Jobs has refused flash on iPhone are no longer an issue (it's too slow to run on iPhone, consumes too much battery).

Adobe is further helping by making flash more accessable to developers and making porting easy in the lastest beta releases of CS5.

So in short, keep your eyes open for the possibility of Flash on the iPad.
With it, apple can further justify why we "must have" another gadget.
Without it, Google Chrome and Windows 7 powered netbooks look all the more inviting.