How Hard Can u Hit The iPhone 3G Screeen With Out Breakiing It?

How hard can u hit the iPhone screen. When my dad uses my iPhone he hits tha iPhone he hits my screen hard.. Can the iPhone take that impact will it break more easy?



The iPhone screen is made of GLASS. This is different than most other phones on the market today which use plastic.
The glass screen is necessary as apple uses a special type of touch screen which requires glass as opposed to plastic in order to properly function.

The fact that it is glass also means that there will be very little scratching on the screen, and apple also coats the screen with a scratch resistant layer.

How hard can you hit it before it breaks?
That depends.
I've had an iPhone drop a few feet on concrete and shatter. I've also had one drop several feet and had nothing happen.
The glass breaks from the corners, and a direct STRIKE on it doesn't seem usually to crack it, but a pressure point on any of the four corners are the best bet for breakage.

If the glass breaks, Apple does not cover you, sobe careful!

In short, you should always be careful with your electronics. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.
Have fun, but be careful.

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