As apple opens to the doors to even more and more different types of iPhone applications, there are more and more fun things to install on your phone or iPod Touch.
Each app you install takes up an icon on your home screen, and the iPhone OS only allows you so many home screen icons.

It is true that apple has a limit on how many home screen pages you may have.
In the new version of the iphone os (3.0 and later) there are eleven pages of apps you can have on your home screen.

However not all is lost and the apps that you cannot see an icon for are indeed still installed on your device.

Here is how to get them:

on your iphone, there is a hidden page that you can get to easilly. It is the "spotlight search" that allows you to search any contacts/music/app or email installed or downloaded on the phone.

In order to access this you must be on the first page of your iphone home screen. To do this, simply press the home button to end whatever activity you are doing (such as playing a game, surfing the net or anything else) so you see all of your app icons, then press the home button again.

 The iPhone "HOME" Button. Your Best Friend.

The phone will reset your view to the very FIRST page of apps you have installed. Once again press the home button or swipe to the left and you will see a search field n the top of the screen and a keyboard on the bottom.
From here you may search for any app on the phone, as long as you know the name of the application.

The iPhone OS Search Page. It Finds as You Type!

Keep in mind that the iPhone OS can accomodate up to 180 app icons. That is ELEVEN PAGES.
Eleven pages, you must really love your apps!

There is a way to rearrange your home screen applications in iTunes 9 or greater, but that requires your phone connected to your computer, and it is another post for another day.
These instructions are the only way to actually access your unseen apps from your iPhone when you would like to use them.

If you have any tips, be sure to comment about them here!
Thanks for reading as always.