Bing! For iPhone

Earlier this year Microsoft made waves on the internet when it released Bing, a search engine that looks to compete directly with Google by offering up all services in a single portal such as search, maps, local content and also real time results which Google has only recently rolled out.

Earlier this week, Microsoft submitted and was approved for the Bing app to appear on the AppStore.
How does it compare to the Google mobile app?
Are we ready to drop our California cousins for big brother in Washington? Only time will tell.


The first thing one notices when they first use the Bing app is that it takes a minimalistic approach to the portal it is attempting to be.
Merely a bottom navigation bar and center starting point for images, movies, maps, news, business and directions.

The Bing homescreen. Very clean looking.

Behind it is a wallpaper which changes. Touch the wallpaper and the menu dissapears and squares appear leading you to interesting searches you may want to check out.

The main menu fades to reveal random photos with interesting trivia

Bing is also location aware and will access your gps if you give it permission.

The app also works completely in landscape mode. This is important to many, including myself.


Microsoft uses it's own search engine technology and results feel useful. Perhaps not as useful as google but as an alternative bing and google compliment each other well.

Search as you type suggestions work well.

A nice feature is Bing's real time as you type suggestions. This helps you fine relevant searches faster and more conveniently.

Bing remembers your search terms so you may return later and find common searches quickly


One major comparison Bing will face is it's speech recognition. Google mobile also has this feature however Bing had integrated it i to every part of the app, making voice searches always available.

The top right of the screen has a microphone making for easy access to a voice search at any time.

I was never able to perform a search this way. I was on the Las Vegas strip with a normal level of background noise (traffic, people etc) and was unsuccessful time and time again.


Bing's other features are business searches, movie times and maps.

All of this is straightforward. Maps are powered by Microsoft and driving directions are included. Bing is not a full blown GPS but like google maps it can help to get you to and from locations.


Bing does a good job at combining the net as a portal app.
I personally like the feature set of google more but the layout and ease of use in bing makes it perfect for the casual user.

Download both. They cost nothing and together they will ensure you get the best search results possible.