In case you missed it, there was quite the drama happening last year when apple took the brilliant google voice app from the AppStore.
No one knew who was to blame for the app dissapearing but all fingers pointed at AT&T.
Apple argued that the app would confuse the consumer as it looked identical to the iPhone.
Even the FTC stepped in to see who was to blame.

The GVmobile app went onto cydia and google maintained a basically barely functional version of the mobile site for voice.

Until today.

Today Google launched it's own mobile site. It runs on mobile safari and in true google style works perfectly while loading fast even on an edge connection.

When you first log in you are asked the number which you are viewing the site from. From there it all just works.

You can send SMS, make calls, and access your stored online contacts.
You cannot access the contacts stored on your iPhone unless you sync your iPhone to google beforehand.

All in all a nice app and a blow to both AT&T and apple.

Click below for more screenshots.