So you are an AT&T user and are sick of the dreaded three beep sound. You know, the sound your phone makes when your call fails for no good reason?

If you call AT&T directly you will likely get a rep who will admittedly be very nice in mist cases but who will simply trouble shoot your device and do little to resolve the issue.
Here are four steps you should take in order to get your account actually credited for the poor service you are getting:

**THE BELOW ASSUMES YOU HAVE AN IPHONE COVERED UNDER THE ONE YEAR WARRANTY OR APPLECARE PLAN - it requires you getting a replacement phone if you can.

1) get a new sim card from AT&T (u lose no data because none is stored on the card)

2) backup your phone in iTunes (plug it in and SYNC IT) which backs up text messages, call logs and contacts. Not music though.

4) restore the phone in iTunes (optional but xtra ammo for apple to replace your phone as they will blame software for dropped calls while AT&T will blame the sim card we replaced or the phone itself)
3) take it to apple. Be nice. Tell them AT&T replaced the sim. U restored it etc and get a new one. If there is no apple store where u are call 1-800-MY-APPLE and they will send you a replacement or u can get one from the AT&T store.

4) sync your phone at home to get your contacts etc back on it

5) call AT&T and tell them all of these steps. At this point there is no possible excuse for your issues other than the network itself.

Be sure to remind AT&T you have a 3g phone and you pay an extra $30 a month per line of iPhone service so you should be able to use that service.
At some point they SHOULD offer you a credit. If they do not then simply keep complaining and they will. Almost all of them can offer a credit to you. If you feel ok asking go ahead but that is not my style personally.

TIPS: never EVER tell anyone you jailbreak or unlock your phone if you have jailbroken it. This is against your contract and they will give you nothing ever!
If you hack and do a restore your phone looks as good as day one
Also if you have physical damage to the phone you will be out of luck. Apple does now cover physically damaged phones unless you are an amazing talker. I've had them replace a shattered screen phone but it wasn't easy.

Also: The head of the genius bar is the equivelant of a GOD at the apple store. He has final say over all replacements. Talk to him only if you must but apple is an incredible company that is great to their customers (too bad AT&T is so poor)
They want to retain you as a customer so keep that in mind.
Good luck! Post comments here...