As more and more people find the iPhone a more and more affordable option for an everyday phone, the ammount of people jailbreaking and modifying phones has increased.
Let's face it, people want to use their phones whichever way they want to use them. They do not generally like a company like Apple or Microsoft to tell them how to use a device.
Would the PC or Mac world exist if Microsoft or Apple told companies what software could be installed on the Windows or Mac OS?

But I digress.
This is not a post about why or if people should be allowed to jailbreak their iPhone's or iPod Touch. If you secure it, they will break into it. A cat and mouse game, and the mice will always find a way to win.

I am asked over and over again by these new iPhone jailbreaker's which sources I use to get my hacks, mods, and alterations.
There are a few good sources, and I will cover a few of them here.

Anything you want to add here? Please post in the comments!

*please be advised that if you install any third party modifications to your phone, you technically violate apple's warranty. All of this is at your own risk


Modmyi is the repo for the popular iphone/ipod touch site.
It is dedicated to themes galore, with many bosspaper packs as well as complete themes, lockscreens, and ringtones.


iClarified offers many different mods to customize how the phone and messaging functions on your iPhone are maaged. There are call log tools, sms (text messaging) tools and other modifications.

One repo I will not post the address to:

There is one other repo.
Both of which offer great wallpapers, fonts and themes.
This repo however also offers different content that allows users to install other apps that I cannot talk about here because it may or may not violate my adsense account.

The site is
and I will leave it at that.

But those are the two you should always add to every jailbreak.
I hope this was helpful.